12 Jan 2016

Use PEAR Through a Proxy

Need to use pear through a proxy?

Type the following in your terminal:

pear config-set http_proxy http://user:password@your_proxy_host.com:8080

You can test by trying a pear search:

pear search Mail

If you see an output similar to the below...:

WARNING: channel "pear.php.net" has updated its protocols, use "pear channel-update pear.php.net" to update
Retrieving data...0%
....50%....Matched packages, channel pear.php.net:
Package          Stable/(Latest) Local
Mail             1.2.0 (stable)  1.2.0 Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
Mail2            0.1.1 (beta)          Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
Mail_IMAP        1.1.0RC2 (beta)       Provides a c-client backend for webmail.
Mail_IMAPv2      0.2.1 (beta)          Provides a c-client backend for webmail.
Mail_Mbox        0.6.3 (beta)          Read and modify Unix MBOXes
Mail_Mime        1.10.0 (stable)       Mail_Mime provides classes to create MIME messages.
Mail_mimeDecode  1.5.5 (stable)        Provides a class to decode mime messages.
Mail_Queue       1.2.7 (stable)        Class for put mails in queue and send them later in background.
Net_Vpopmaild    0.3.2 (beta)          Class for accessing Vpopmail's vpopmaild daemon
Services_Mailman 0.1.0 (beta)          Integrates Mailman into a website using PHP

...that means pear is now working. Keep in mind, your password has been stored in the shell's history. Delete it by typing history, find the line number and use:

history -d <line_number>

So, if the line is 51, use:

history -d 51